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Social Media is your New Best Friend

Social media connects people in a way unrivaled by any other form of media interaction. Grandparents giggle at the latest Facebook picture of their grandbabies. Faraway friends offer advice on each others’ lives. College alumni curiously peek at their old roommates’ profiles. … Read More

working remotely

Remote Employees: Keeping Them Connected

Hiring remote employees is like choosing a cat for a pet. You can stroke and coax them every once in awhile, but for the most part, they take care of themselves. Okay, this is only partially true. Yes, companies do … Read More


Why You Should Still Dress Up for your Online Job

Yeah, I know it’s tempting to skimp on your wardrobe for your online job. After all, your computer isn’t going to whistle its approval or flutter its long eyelashes at you. You should just slip on your favorite jeans and … Read More