Bad Customer

Customer Misogyny: Women in Customer Service

“Isn’t there someone else I could talk to? Maybe a guy who understands the software?” “You look hot. Is that your real picture?” “Thanks, baby girl, you’ve been helpful. Can I call you sometime?” “Are you sure you’re qualified to … Read More

service sanity

Understaffed? A Strategy for Staying Sane

From holiday breaks to busy seasons to just plain decreasing employee numbers, we have all experienced the effects of being understaffed at some point. It’s easy to get discouraged or even bitter when you feel like you work sixteen–hour days, … Read More

take a break

Taking Breaks to Improve Productivity

You’re thinking, “Wow, I have so much to do! No taking breaks, just a solid work lunch.” I know what you’re doing. You’re glancing at your clock, tracking how much work you just got done in the last 5 minutes.  … Read More