Bad Customer

Customer Misogyny: Women in Customer Service

“Isn’t there someone else I could talk to? Maybe a guy who understands the software?” “You look hot. Is that your real picture?” “Thanks, baby girl, you’ve been helpful. Can I call you sometime?” “Are you sure you’re qualified to … Read More

Customer Service Rep Listening

Customer Service Reps: What They’re Really Like

Customer Service often attracts a certain kind of person but perhaps not exactly who you’d think. We’re going to explore just what kind of people really work in customer support.   The Stereotype of a Customer Service Rep When they think … Read More


How to Learn Something ASAP

You remember when you first started in customer service. You had that wide–eyed, deer–caught–in–headlights look on your face as your boss glossed over the company’s policy handbook and instruction manuals. Then, fifteen minutes later, he waited for you to repeat … Read More

workflow productivity

Workflow and How to Find It

Workflow doesn’t just mean your ability to sit through a day of work without being distracted by cat videos on YouTube (although that is an accomplishment all by itself). It refers to a system or pattern that allows you to … Read More

A Modern Service Career is Totally Respectable

I take customer service as a career seriously. At two fast-casual restaurants in the past few weeks, I have been “helped” by teenagers who were utterly uninspired. They seemed to be using the fewest words possible. The niceties that they … Read More