workflow productivity

Workflow and How to Find It

Workflow doesn’t just mean your ability to sit through a day of work without being distracted by cat videos on YouTube (although that is an accomplishment all by itself). It refers to a system or pattern that allows you to … Read More

office redundancy

Customer Service Conundrum: Redundancies vs. Specialized Leads

In the world of online customer service, no position looks exactly like the next, and no job will be exactly like your last one. But when it boils down to promoting maximum efficiency as an online customer service representative, which methodologies and … Read More

team culture

Customer Service Greatness through Team Culture

To succeed in the modern market, businesses increasingly need to invest in their customer service, because people will be attracted to the companies that delight them the most. One of the factors that has led to the rise of the … Read More

Knowledge Owl

Motivate Your Customer Service Team to Add for Your Knowledge Base

Motivate your customer service team to contribute to your knowledge base! You can use the basic principles of human behaviour to understand how. Customer Service Team Knowledge Gatekeeper Appoint a knowledge gatekeeper who is in charge of pushing publish on … Read More

A Modern Service Career is Totally Respectable

I take customer service as a career seriously. At two fast-casual restaurants in the past few weeks, I have been “helped” by teenagers who were utterly uninspired. They seemed to be using the fewest words possible. The niceties that they … Read More


Expand your Customer Service Hours Today

Your business is hopping. You leave work each day huffing and puffing because of all the customer questions, and you’re afraid you’re losing momentum because you’re not open in the evening. Sounds like you’re ready to take customer service to the … Read More

stressful jobs

The Stress Management Conundrum

As an online support professional, your stress levels probably range from, “There’s nothing in my support queue. Time to eat chips and browse YouTube,” to “Where did all of these support tickets come from? I’ll be 80 before I close … Read More


Why You Should Still Dress Up for your Online Job

Yeah, I know it’s tempting to skimp on your wardrobe for your online job. After all, your computer isn’t going to whistle its approval or flutter its long eyelashes at you. You should just slip on your favorite jeans and … Read More