work from home

Work from Home: How to Stay Sane

You probably hear, “Oh, it’s so cool that you get to work from home!” from friends, family, and new acquaintances more than you’d like. Some people even go so far as to call you “lucky” or say that they wish … Read More

scripted contented

Customer Service Templates and Scripts: Walk the Line

Customer service templates and scripts straddle a line for both customers and reps between super helpful and condescending and tone def. Balancing that can be a challenge. One of the most tedious aspects of life as an online customer service … Read More

service sanity

Understaffed? A Strategy for Staying Sane

From holiday breaks to busy seasons to just plain decreasing employee numbers, we have all experienced the effects of being understaffed at some point. It’s easy to get discouraged or even bitter when you feel like you work sixteen–hour days, … Read More

service career

Customer Service Career: Building Beyond the Basics

In order to successfully build your customer service career, you’ve got to go beyond the absolute basics by following a simple strategy. You don’t want to be a customer service rep as a job – you want it to be … Read More

difficult calls

Difficult Customers: How to Deal With Them Gracefully

Your aim is to turn a difficult customers into those who will rave about their amazing customer experience with you to their friends and family. As anyone who’s worked in customer service will know, it can be tricky to deal with … Read More


How to Learn Something ASAP

You remember when you first started in customer service. You had that wide–eyed, deer–caught–in–headlights look on your face as your boss glossed over the company’s policy handbook and instruction manuals. Then, fifteen minutes later, he waited for you to repeat … Read More

customer care

Customer Care: A Kill ‘Em With Kindness Guide

Customer Care is everyone’s responsibility, but as an online customer service representative, you are often the first and last impression that your company will have on a customer. Their questions, concerns, and complaints all come to you – and you’re … Read More

take a break

Taking Breaks to Improve Productivity

You’re thinking, “Wow, I have so much to do! No taking breaks, just a solid work lunch.” I know what you’re doing. You’re glancing at your clock, tracking how much work you just got done in the last 5 minutes.  … Read More

measure through feedback

Measuring Success in Customer Service

Customers are wishy-washy. One minute they’re thanking you for your help and the next they’re rating their experience a 2 out of 10. So how can you accurately measure success when you work in customer service? Sounds kinda like an … Read More

Big customer Service Team

Customer Service Team Communication When Your Team Gets BIG

Customer Service Team Communication can get extremely daunting as the department grows. It’s easy to communicate effectively when every person in your company fits within five hundred square feet. “Hey, Steve, how do I access this again?” You call across the … Read More