Customer service representatives who work from home are alone with their daily struggles and accomplishments. They are in contact with coworkers or other customer service reps via phone, video chat, or email, but can still feel isolated. Work-from-home agents also do not have easy access to training, guidance, and support that the people who work in an office do. So what does a good customer service rep do? They go hunting for answers on their own!

Situations come up nearly every day for people mired in support tickets, company politics, and the struggles of simply creating work/life balance. If you’re a work-from-home customer service rep wondering how you can get better at your job, how to get through your work day without crying, or if you want to learn a new customer service technique, you’ve come to the right place.

You have questions about a variety of customer service rep situations, and we’ve provided a comprehensive list of customer service resources. Hopefully, these customer service resources help you research and discover what best works for you! 

  1. How do I find work-from-home customer service representative jobs?

Even if you’ve been in the customer service rep business for a while, you may be looking for a better employer or a job with more flexibility. Whatever your reasoning, here are a few websites to check out to find actual work-from-home jobs. has a massive listing of online support agents, many of which are remote. also has many positions to apply for, and you can upload your resume so companies can contact you. is less known but has extensive positions with fewer competitors applying. is the king of all remote CSR jobs, even though you have to search based on cities. Search any city for customer service rep positions that are remote. Hint: New York City, San Francisco, San Diego, and Chicago have the best posts. is another online job board that caters to the freelance crowd. If you like having smaller customer support clients or don’t want to work for just one company, this is a great place to find multiple jobs.

LinkedIn is an often underestimated social media platform. You can update your resume, your profile, and connect with people, and you can also job search. Making the right connections and following current job openings can make your CSR job search very easy.

Try sites like Guru and UpWork, which specialize in freelance work if you’re not interested in working for a single customer service client.


  1. This is my first customer service rep job – help!

Welcome to the wonderful work of online customer service. Prepare to feel awesome some days and like crying in a corner other days. Wondering how in the world to do your job now that you’ve snagged it? Get started on the right foot with these great customer service resources.


scripted contented

Customer Service Templates and Scripts from Service Rockstar. This article will give you a few tips on how to create templates that help you do your job efficiently, as well as a few ideas for scripts to prepare yourself for problems that come up.


service career

Customer Service Career: Building Beyond the Basics from Service Rockstar. This is a great article to help you build a career out of your work-from-home customer service rep job. Not only does it give you basics for doing your job, but also helps you develop skills needed to thrive.


  1. I am having a hard time keeping up with my support ticket queue.

As a work-from-home customer service agent, not only do you have to work your way through support tickets, but you also have to fight your desire to binge on chips and Netflix. Some days, we have too few support tickets, and other days we have too many. Other times, we genuinely have no idea how to solve a support ticket, and we end up spending a whole day on one customer. Luckily, there are ways to help prevent all of these situations!

If your struggle to process your queue is a matter of procrastination or distraction, read this article:

Workflow and How to Find It from Service Rockstar. This will give you tons of tips for starting your day right, working through your support ticket queue, and avoiding all those juicy temptations that go along with working from home.

If you’re having a hard time with your support ticket because you don’t have the authority, knowledge, or skill set to get things done, try these customer service resources:

The 5 Essential Customer Service Skills from Groove. Reading this article will help you develop skills that you need to grow as a customer service rep while also motivating you to get to work. When you feel overwhelmed, read this!

Customer Service Conundrum: Redundancies vs. Specialized Leads from Service Rockstar. Maybe you’re really struggling to answer customer questions, or wondering how to expand your support team. Maybe you really don’t know where to forward a client. Luckily, this resource will help. Learn the difference between knowing it all and being super-specialized with this article.


  1. I’m pretty sure I suck at my job.

First of all, you don’t suck at your job. We all have bad days. Turn that frown upside down with these great “pick me up” customer service resources:

This great infographic on the 25 Skills for Excellent Customer Service

customer service resource

The Stress Management Conundrum from Service Rockstar. This is especially handy to read on those days where you’re considering running away to join the circus. 


  1. I feel like reading. What great books can I read to expand my CSR horizons?

Funny you should ask! We do have a list of a few books that can help you rock your home-based customer service work.

Be Our Guest was written by the Walt Disney Company, so you know it’s good. This book helps you identify how to please your customers and keep them coming back for more. Not all tips apply to your job as a work-from-home CSR, but it does motivate!

The Customer Rules was written by a previous executive VP of Walt Disney Company and is fun to read. Check it out if you like skipping to what is relevant. This short book gives quick and dirty tips for getting better at your job.

The No-Asshole Rule is a great read if you’re currently creating a different hierarchy of customer service within your company. It’s also great if you’re managing a group of customer service reps. Not only does it talk about management, but it deals with interpersonal relationships. You might learn a few tips for your own poor behavior.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a must-read for anyone who is looking to be more productive and make more of an impact in their life as a customer service rep. Of course, the job isn’t always glamorous, but you can do it well. This book also motivates you in every other area of your life, so get reading!

Delivering Happiness is a great asset if you’re part of a growing business, a changing team dynamic, or you want to improve your skill set in sales and customer retention. It will also light a fire under your behind.

Strategic Customer Service is a tactical field guide to building customer service that actually makes a difference. If you want a breakdown and helpful steps to improve your customer service game, this is the book to read.

Uncommon Service is a definite addition to your To-Be-Read pile. This book talks about using customer service as a competitive edge and gives tons of helpful, applicable ideas for your customer service approach.


  1. The hardest part of my job is the cranky customers. How do I handle them better?

We’ve all been there. Cranky customers make it hard for us to reign in our own emotions on the job sometimes, too. Luckily, you can hone skills like patience, empathy, and professional courtesy. These skills make your job (and life) so much easier.

Customer Care: Kill ‘Em With Kindness by Service Rockstar. Ever need help finding a way to just be nice to a customer? Not sold on the idea that small gestures can go a long way? Make sure you read this.

How to Handle 8 Challenging Customer Service Scenarios by Help Scout. This customer service resource is great for making sure you don’t yell back at a customer. Tons of helpful hints, especially #8!

4 Brilliant Tips for Dealing with Angry Customers by Muse. These tips really are brilliant. Learn how to smile through the pain and come out with a winning interaction instead of a losing one.

Difficult Customers: How to Deal with Them Gracefully by Service Rockstar. This great article talks about understanding the customer and how to meet them wherever they are (mentally, not physically – that would be weird).

  1. I’ve started talking to my cats out loud. How do I get out of my work-from-home funk?

If you’re laughing instead of nodding profusely, you haven’t been working as a customer service rep for long. Read up on how to prevent work-from-home meltdowns as a preventative measure, and maybe get a cat. If you are nodding, here are a few customer service resources to help you get back on your feet.

Taking Breaks to Improve Productivity by Service Rockstar. You have to step away from time-to-time, even though it seems counterintuitive.

9 Things People Who Work From Home Can Do to Make Them Feel Like They’re in the Office by Bustle. Aside from the crazy long title, this article has short, helpful hints to make you feel a little less like a hermit.

Break-up the Monotony of Working From Home from Evan Carmichael. We work-from-home professionals forget what it’s like to get out of the house. This article has great customer service resources for you that will make you great at your job.

Work From Home: How to Stay Sane from Service Rockstar. Schedules, routines, and habits are all friends of the work-from-home pro; embrace them!


You’re Not the Only One With Issues

Hopefully, this list of customer service resources has made one thing clear: every customer service rep struggles. All of us have difficulties on the job. And most of all, we all have questions. This resource list has gathered a few of those questions, but it’s far from comprehensive. If you’re struggling to find your own problem already wrapped up in a neat little solution, go out and find it! Or create it yourself! Share it with other customer service reps, and help everyone get a little better at their work.

latashadoyleLatasha Doyle is a freelance writer living outside of Denver. When she’s not writing or reading, she enjoys crocheting, Netflix marathons, and planning her next trip.

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