Customer Service Rep Listening

Customer Service Reps: What They’re Really Like

Customer Service often attracts a certain kind of person but perhaps not exactly who you’d think. We’re going to explore just what kind of people really work in customer support.   The Stereotype of a Customer Service Rep When they think … Read More

Amazon Customer Service

What’s so Exceptional about Amazon’s Customer Service?

When you think of amazing customer service, one of the first companies you think of is online retailing giant Amazon has taken the world by storm since it was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 nearly 23 years ago. … Read More

service career

Customer Service Career: Building Beyond the Basics

In order to successfully build your customer service career, you’ve got to go beyond the absolute basics by following a simple strategy. You don’t want to be a customer service rep as a job – you want it to be … Read More

difficult calls

Difficult Customers: How to Deal With Them Gracefully

Your aim is to turn a difficult customers into those who will rave about their amazing customer experience with you to their friends and family. As anyone who’s worked in customer service will know, it can be tricky to deal with … Read More

team culture

Customer Service Greatness through Team Culture

To succeed in the modern market, businesses increasingly need to invest in their customer service, because people will be attracted to the companies that delight them the most. One of the factors that has led to the rise of the … Read More

Knowledge Owl

Motivate Your Customer Service Team to Add for Your Knowledge Base

Motivate your customer service team to contribute to your knowledge base! You can use the basic principles of human behaviour to understand how. Customer Service Team Knowledge Gatekeeper Appoint a knowledge gatekeeper who is in charge of pushing publish on … Read More