RedBall Speaks: Communicate Powerfully with your Team

Let’s face it. We could all communicate with our teams on a deeper level. So many customer service agents walk in and out of work daily, grunting at their colleagues as they drag themselves to their desks. They barely get … Read More

Social Media Customer Service

Social Media is your New Best Friend

Social media connects people in a way unrivaled by any other form of media interaction. Grandparents giggle at the latest Facebook picture of their grandbabies. Faraway friends offer advice on each others’ lives. College alumni curiously peek at their old roommates’ profiles. … Read More

Bad Customer

Customer Misogyny: Women in Customer Service

“Isn’t there someone else I could talk to? Maybe a guy who understands the software?” “You look hot. Is that your real picture?” “Thanks, baby girl, you’ve been helpful. Can I call you sometime?” “Are you sure you’re qualified to … Read More

Customer Service Rep Listening

Customer Service Reps: What They’re Really Like

Customer Service often attracts a certain kind of person but perhaps not exactly who you’d think. We’re going to explore just what kind of people really work in customer support.   The Stereotype of a Customer Service Rep When they think … Read More

Amazon Customer Service

What’s so Exceptional about Amazon’s Customer Service?

When you think of amazing customer service, one of the first companies you think of is online retailing giant Amazon.com. Amazon has taken the world by storm since it was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 nearly 23 years ago. … Read More

Customer Respect

Customer Respect: Winning them Over

A customer calls in, weary of solving his own problems. You already hear the low customer respect in his tone. “You don’t know what you’re doing. Can I get someone with more experience?” The only words you remember saying were … Read More


All-Hands Support Alternatives

All-Hands Support is a trendy concept in the SaaS support. All-Hands Support is the idea that all employees regularly spend time in support answering customer tickets. This includes developers, designers, sales, marketing, IT, management, everyone. A quick Google search of … Read More

working remotely

Remote Employees: Keeping Them Connected

Hiring remote employees is like choosing a cat for a pet. You can stroke and coax them every once in awhile, but for the most part, they take care of themselves. Okay, this is only partially true. Yes, companies do … Read More


Customer Service Resources: A Definitive List

Customer service representatives who work from home are alone with their daily struggles and accomplishments. They are in contact with coworkers or other customer service reps via phone, video chat, or email, but can still feel isolated. Work-from-home agents also … Read More

balance customer needs

Customer Needs with Company Purpose: A Balancing Act

Your business wouldn’t exist if it didn’t have customers. They provide revenue and give you important feedback that helps you develop a better product. But sometimes, customer needs can get overwhelming because they surpass the reason your company even exists. … Read More